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BridgePointe Inn & Suites

2 tärni
2600 Lauren LaneNorthwoodOH43619Ameerika Ühendriigid, 800 004 4466 TASUTA lauatelefonist‎
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  • Toledo, Ohio (TOL-Toledo Express) 22 min transpordivahendiga / 28,9 km
  • Toledo Station 8 min transpordivahendiga / 5,4 km
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2,8 / 5
  • Never never again. I would choose to stay in my car vs. staying here again. Absolutely…sept 21, 2016
  • Noisysept 20, 2016
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BridgePointe Inn & Suites

Teave hotelli kohta: 800 004 4466 TASUTA lauatelefonist‎

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Viimased arvustused

2,8 /5 from 369 reviews

BridgePointe Inn & Suites
Rahuldav2,0 / 5
stay if you must
The outside of this hotel looks decent but that is where the compliments end. The hallways and rooms all smell like smoke, even though it is supposed to be non smoking. The rooms are small and cramped. The beds, sheets, pillows and towels all need replaced. We had 3 rooms for our group and the comments were the same from all in the group.
1 öö, reis
BridgePointe Inn & Suites
Vilets1,0 / 5
Not happy
We have stayed in this hotel once before and it the rooms as well as the rest of the hotel was clean. Staff was very helpful. This time the 1st room they gave us was filthy, smelled like Marijuana and the bed look like someone had just been lying in it recently. We called the front desk and told them and they ask what we wanted them to do about it. So my husband requested a different roomand they abliged. The 2nd room was a little cleaner but I found a pill on the night stand, and there wwas a burn hole in the sheet. The hallways smelled like Marijuana and we will never stay again.VERY DISAPPOINTED! !!!
1 öö, romantikareis
BridgePointe Inn & Suites
Suurepärane4,0 / 5
just fine
i booked my room BEFORE reading reviews. i got scared because a lot of them were not in good taste. since i was only staying for one night, i just went ahead and checked in. oh my! i don't know what in the world other reviewers were talking about. they must've gotten a bum room or something. my room was great - clean, climate controlled, cozy. no time to check out amenities or breakfast. i can't say you should/shouldn't stay here. all i can say is that my stay was just fine.
1 öö, reis perega
BridgePointe Inn & Suites
Vilets1,0 / 5
Dirty, Disheveled, Bedbugs.
I would recommend this hotel be removed from Hotels.com until they make some serious changes for the better. The hotel lobby was dirty, and full of water from families using the pool (as was the elevator). I understand kids track pool water, but it was to levels of slipping hazard. There was no one else on site to take care of that put the poor front desk attendant, who was swamped with his own issues of unsatisfied customers. As I was checking in, a family was leaving (pajamas on) after being moved once for a faulty air conditioner only to be put into a room where someone had been smoking. Upon entering my room I wasn't certain that it had been completely cleaned or if this had been a room occupied by someone that turned around and left. The first indication was that the coffee table was askew, as were the love seat cushions. Then when I looked at the bed, all four pillows were randomly tossed on the middle and only one had a pillow case. I noticed how hot it was in the room, which is normal upon first entering, but when I attempted to turn down the temperature the unit didn't send out any cooler air. Then I did a mattress check for bedbugs, which I do no matter where I'm staying, and there they were. I immediately left the room, informed the attendant (who initially thought I was coming down for towels...the person in line just before me didn't have any in his room) and told him I was checking out. He was totally understanding and told me how to get my refund.
3 ööd, ärireis
BridgePointe Inn & Suites
Rahuldav2,0 / 5
Worst hotel I've stayed at in many years
I have rented hotel rooms from this website before and had good results. This one was horrible. When we got there, the lobby area was filthy. Not just the floors, but the walls and general shoddy appearance. Fake plants covered in dust, etc. If it wasn't so late at night, I would have walked out right there. I was returning from Cedar Point with 3 teenagers and thankfully we only had to stay there that night. The room was run down for sure. The mattresses were very lumpy and obviously very old. The curtains had holes in them and the wall air conditioner literally had lumps of dust and dirt in them, looked like someone emptied out a vacuum bag into them, that's how much dirt was in the vents. There were not enough pillows or towels. Luckily the kids had brought pillows for the car ride. We called for towels and they brought us 3 towels, of which, 2 of them had holes in them and were thin and old. They would have long been rags at my house, not something I used after a shower. I was told we were lucky we had them because they were sold out. Overall I should know better than to expect more for a cheap room, but really the dirt in that place was disgusting. Don't stay there unless none of these things bother you about staying in a hotel, then enjoy.
1 öö, reis perega

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BridgePointe Inn & Suites

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